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This design is one of the winning posters of "100 Beste Plakate" 2014.

This Poster shows the result of the swiss immigration referendum.


The poster is one of the winning designs of the Reflect - Poster Project for the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014.

"Since the first edition in 2008 we challenge design talent to participate in the Poster Project. This edition we called for designers worldwide to show how they visualize changes on a large or small scale.

From 2,126 submissions by amateurs, students and professional designers from 69 countries a jury consisting of Richard van der Laken (Designpolitie), Mariina Bakic (Une Saison Graphicque) and Goetz Gramlich (Mut zur Wut) selected the 50 best posters." GFDB


All winning posters were driven around the city of Breda by bicycle and exhibited during the festival.


For more information and to see all posters please have a look here.





Desha_Nujsongsinn_50komma3prozent Schweiz

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